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5 Top Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy efficiency has become a popular topic here in Ireland with more and more people looking for ways to find out how to use less energy. We have put together 5 top energy saving tips that can help you use less energy and hopefully help you save a few pennies as well. 

Good Insulation

attic insulation

Having your home well insulated is an extremely effective method of reducing heating costs in your home. Up to a third of your heating costs could be escaping through your attic if it is not properly insulated.  Attic insulation is one of the most cost effective and easiest home improvements you could make. The benefits of attic insulation are noticed immediately especially in the long winter months along with noticeable savings on your heating bills.

If you are considering insulating your home you may be eligible for an Insulation Grant you can find more information here Insualtion Grants Ireland


Electrical Appliances

When you are purchasing electrical appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers, decide on a more energy efficient appliance. An EU label should be displayed on the appliance and it indicates energy consumption and is rated A-G, with A being the most energy efficient and the G rating being the least efficient. Purchasing the most energy efficient appliance will save you money on your energy bills as well as being less harmful to the environment.


uPVC Windows

uPVC Windows Cork

Up to 8 times more heat is lost in homes through windows compared to walls. By installing uPVc windows in your home your heat loss will be reduced significantly. Double or triple uPVC windows have energy reflecting glass which maximises heat inside your home and stops heat escaping from your home. Saving you money on your energy bills and keep your home cosy and warm. 

For further information on our uPVC windows you can download our brochure here  or get in touch with a member of our team for advice on 1800 636363.


Light bulbs

If you are using a certain lightbulb for more than four hours a day you should consider replacing it with and energy saving lightbulb. CFL (Compact Florescent Lamp) bulbs are 80% more efficient than your standard bulb and lasts ten times longer. They can save up to €60 on average over their lifetime.


Turn Off Appliances

Be sure to turn off any electrical appliances that you are not using and do not leave them on standby, leaving them on standby is a waste of energy, there are a number of household appliances that are the worst offenders such as televisions, phone chargers, desk top computers and game consoles.  


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