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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation will ensure you save energy, money and the environment. HPS Group Cork provide attic insulation for pitched and flat roofs.

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Attic Insulation for Pitched Roofs

The simplest and cheapest loft-insulation solution is the classic 'cold loft' option. This is often referred to as attic insulation.

Loft insulation involves insulating between and over the wooden joists immediately above the ceiling of your home's top floor. Building regulations stipulate that to meet today's standards your attic should have a minimum of 12 inches (300mm) of insulation.

It is called 'cold loft' as it will result in your loft feeling rather cold in the winter, as the roof itself might not be insulated. But your living space underneath will be insulated.

It is an extremely effective method of reducing the cost of heating your home.  As much as a third of your heating costs could be escaping through your roof without proper loft insulation.
Attic insulation is also one of the easiest and most cost effective home improvement projects to finance and complete.  The benefits are immediate especially in the winter months with noticeable savings on your home energy bills.

What are the Benefits of Blown Loft Insulation?

HPS attic insulation Cork, uses Rockwool 'Rockprime' blown loft insulation which is a mechanically installed wool/granulate.

  • Blown loft insulation is quicker to install than roll and there is less disturbance.
  • Rockprime minimises thermal bridging - unlike many other loft insulation products.
  • Rockwool is made using natural resources leading to less carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.
  • Rockwool is non-carcinogenic unlike standard fibreglass insulation.
  • Rockprime is a very popular option for homeowners and installers especially with low pitched roofs.
  • Ideal for new & existing attic spaces.
  • Ouick to install.
  • No waste.
  • Spaces can be filled to any depth.
  • Rot free.  
  • Excellent sound insulation.
  • Not displaced by air movement within the attic space.

Rolled attic Insulation & Knee Walls

At HPS we also supply and install the highest quality rolled Rockwool / Earthwool attic insulation.

Knee walls in Dormer Attics require insulation - Earthwool is the ideal material for this purpose.

  • HPS standard practice and quality control.
  • HPS ensure a minimum of 300mm insulation in your attic area to conform to current building regulations.
  • All trap doors are insulated.
  • A draught seal is installed around the trap door.
  • Trap doors are secured with a pair of eye hooks.
  • Water tanks and pipes are lagged.
  • An insulated platform is installed for safe access between the trap door and the water tanks.
  • A loose fit stira hood is installed to existing stira.

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