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External Wall Insulation

We provide external insulation services throughout to both residential and commercial customers throughout Cork and surrounding counties. Research suggests that the average Irish home allows over 50% of heat loss to escape through external walls.

External Wall Insulation Cork

What is External Insulation?

The walls become a thermal store that retain the heat from solar gain and domestic systems and release the heat at night. The new external finish transforms the appearance of your property with colours of your choice. External Insulation is a process whereby your home is wrapped with insulation from the outside and there is no internal disruption. External insulation offers the best performance of all the insulation options and a life time of reduced energy bills.

HPS Group offer a range of colours and finishes from smooth render to pebble dash or brick effect. External insulation offers years of maintenance, free colour and a fresh finish.

All work conforms to the NSAI (National Standard Authority of Ireland) standards. HPS Group are licensed installers of the Weber and Saint Gobain external wall systems.

External Wall Insulation

Solid External Wall Insulation

External Insulation or Internal Drylining are the only options available for insulating Solid External Walls or Cavity Block Walls.

Uninsulated solid walls are the coldest as they allow heat to pass through them. Uninsulated cavity (hollow) block walls are also cold as they allow heat to pass through them easily.

The good news is that like cavity walls, solid walls can be insulated from either outside or inside the house using external insulation.

How Does Insulation Work?

A layer of insulation material is fixed to the walls with adhesive and mechanical fixings.

The insulation is protected (covered) with a special type of render (Plaster).

HPS Group can offer a wide range of finishes to suit every home and commercial building.

Structure of External Wall Insulation:

  • Basic wall structure of existing building
  • High quality Insulation boards
  • Base coat & reinforcement
  • Primer
  • External insulation finish

Is External Insulation suitable for my home?

External Wall Insulation is particularly suitable for older homes and will improve the appearance of your home however, the HPS Insulation team are happy to talk to you to see if this option is suited to your dwelling.

What are the Benefits?

As some homes lose between 20 to 60% of heat due to insufficient Insulation, External Insulation wraps around your house to keep the heat in. Combined with attic insulation it is one of the best forms of insulation available.

External insulation also transforms the appearance of your house.

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